Monday, July 6, 2009

We have a kitchen

It was a busy Monday morning in the house as our cabinet makers were hard at work, the kitchen is looking great and the bathroom cabinets are in as well. Our laminate feature wall (as seen below) is something we have been waiting so long to see and to finally do so is excellent. We had some serious moments when we were quite unsure as to whether our cabinet makers would translate our concept into reality, now that they have it is nice to see it all come together as we had wanted.

Our pantry door is to the right of the oven cavity (on the dark licorice linea laminate wall). You can't really see it and that's the idea, the giant pantry loops back behind the laminate wall from the door back to the left side of the wall.

Benchtop with the fridge cavity to the right, this photo is taken from where the island bench will be by now. At the time of the photo it was still waiting to be put in place. The stone benchtops for both the bench and the island should be installed in the next few days.

Here is our ensuite vanity and basin. The bath and frame still have to be installed on the left hand side of the vanity

Tomorrow I will update with some more cabinet photos of our first almost finished parts of the house.


  1. Wow, that kitchen is looking truly amazing. Is that Licorice Linea and Polar White, or did you change selections? I hope it is... I've selected Polar White cabinets with feature Licorice Linea areas in my kitchen.... and if it looks HALF as good as yours, I'm gonna be ecstatic!!!

  2. Hey Paul, glad you like it. It is Licorice Linea and Polar White, we definitely weren't going to change that selection. It does look great! We love it and it looks even better in real life than it does in the photos. We still have our 'Basmati' Essa Stone benchtops to go in as well.