Friday, March 19, 2010

Six months on, we have landscaped!

So yes here we are - almost six months on from our move in date and we have landscaped back and front yards. All our own work and we are extremely proud of the blood and sweat (no tears that I can recall) that we put into this little piece of work!

Below is the sub-surface irrigation for our new lawn.

Then the lawn starts to roll out. Note - curved lawn edges are trickier than straight ones, but oh so cool when standing back and appreciating your own work.

Our pergola, custom designed and built by us.

Pergola roof detail.

Multi-coloured fence screens.

Fence screen and feature artwork.

Frontyard cleared, blank canvas.

Front is done!

Here's how the back yard looks now that a few plants have grown and the lawn and dog are getting used to eachothers company. Note - three months on and the pergola is still standing!