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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Handover is over

Last Friday evening we had handover with our site supervisor and it all went smoothly, sure there are a few things that are still to be sorted out but nothing that we were prepared to hold up things for.

A bottle of bubbly and a few other gifts helped seal the deal (not really, but it's still nice to get free stuff) and before you knew it we had started moving our things in. The bamboo floors go in later this week and then after carpets we can move the big furniture etc in next Thursday and then we can actually move in!

A note to anyone planning on having hardwood/bamboo floors installed after handover: Please ask your builder to 'loose-fit' the skirting boards. I just spent the best part of today ripping our skirting boards off through our big open-plan living area. If you cannot remove them (or choose not to) then you have to put up with beading along all walls that the floors butt up against. We weren't going to live with that, anyway it's done now.

Look! Yesterday I made a gate! I think it looks pretty good, it's big too, just over 1.3 metres wide. When we pave and I get the final level I will attach the last slat at the bottom (don't worry I wasn't going to leave it like that).

Here's my gate and the new plantation shutters that were installed today.

The plantation shutters cover both the study and the main bedroom, basically all the front windows.

Shutters from inside the bedroom.

Close up of the shutters.

The facade showing our plantation shutters. Will look better with a bit of landscaping (eventually).

Wednesday, September 2, 2009