Sunday, May 31, 2009

Selection list

So yeah this house is coming along well but what's it really going to look like, I mean what about those selections. Okay then, here they are.

Bricks - PGH Oyster [link]
Roof - Colorbond Surfmist [link]
Render - Solver Volcanic Ash (study area) & Solver Beaver (portico)
Garage door - Monument [link]
Front door - Monument
Window frame - Metro Silver

Benchtop - Essastone Basmati (40mm) [link]
Cupboards - Laminex Polar White
End wall of kitchen (surround for oven, pantry door) - Laminex Licorice Linea [link]
Splashback - Mosaic Glass Vetro Fine Silver Gloss

Vanity benchtop - Laminex Zincworks [link]
Vanity cupboards - Laminex Polar White
Floor tile - Essential Charcoal
Wall tile - Gloss white
Feature (down shower wall) - Mosaic Glasstone Fresh Smoke

Vanity benchtop - Laminex Morning Shale [link]
Vanity cupboards - Laminex Polar White
Floor tile - Essential Charcoal
Wall tile - Gloss white
Feature (down shower wall) - Mosaic Glass Crystal Summer Green Mix

Floorboards - Strand woven Bamboo in Natural colour (hallway, kitchen, dining, living) [link]
Carpet - Valley Ridge Ghost Gum (study & rumpus)
Carpet - Amaretti Vintage (bedrooms)

Solver First Snow throughout

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bricks are laying

Today we have witnessed the first signs of brickies on our site, not only do we have nice little stacks of bricks neatly placed around the perimeter we also have a bit of a back wall. The mortar colour looks a touch dark but it hadn't dried completely yet, a shower had just passed through so the bricks look a darker grey than they will when clean and dry.

All in all, first impressions and we are really happy with our 'Oyster' bricks. We are also overly impressed by the quality of the brickies work. They keep a 'clean brick' that's for sure, immaculate work, great detail and very encouraging. We look forward to seeing the rest go up in the same manner.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Under blue skies

A much nicer day to show off our roof this time. First fix power, gas and plumbing have been completed as well. Brickies may be around tomorrow to start up, so a week or two and we should be looking good.

Surfmist under blue skies.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

First sight of our roof

Well it was a little dark, but we rounded the corner to see our lovely 'colourbond surfmist' roof in position. Capping isn't on just yet.

More photos to follow when we see the roof in full daylight.

Fascias are up

The roof frame is now complete and the fascias that were laying on the ground last week are now in place and looking fine.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pretty shiny glass

As you may have guessed by the title we have glass now. Windows, doors and a highlight for the front door. The roof frame is pretty well finished (as you can see below).

Note the pile of sand just waiting for our brickies to start it up.

Open plan dining area with sliding door and adjacent full length window. This huge north facing window looks great!

Our double sliding doors to the outdoor entertaining area - not so entertaining yet though.

The ensuite with frosted window above the future spa.

As well as the new pile of sand at the block, we also have pallets and pallets of our fantastic bricks which are ready to roll.

Just one of our PGH Oyster bricks. Sort of grey/brown to the uninitiated. Hope they look alright because we have a lot of them.

Some fascia's have dropped on site now as well. Surfmist - the lightest grey. It may look white but it's not quite. 'Not-quite-white' you could call it, our roof can't be too far away now...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On and up

Gee the frame sure goes up quickly. We drove around the corner to see this!

A couple of days later and there were the beginnings of a roof.

(Master bedroom and study)

We were able to do our first real walkthrough of our plan put into reality. It felt great, the rooms and spaces created were just as we had expected. Just makes us more and more excited though.

We must be patient.

(Study on the left, portico in the middle and a bit of garage on the right)

There are plenty of bricks on site and the roof may not be too far away.