Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lock it up

The house was officially locked up today. Our lovely green front and side doors are there for all to see (don't worry they won't stay that colour). You can also see the base render on the portico and the study, quite obviously this has not been painted yet and it will look much cooler in time. Even still our facade is kind of taking shape.

Our green door with translucent glass highlights.

The laundry door, this will be seen by nobody and still it looks good. But I am biased.

The sparky was at the house today as well, it seems that second fix is happening sooner than we were expecting. Today he had installed power points and was in the process of cutting into the ceiling for the downlights. The tilers won't be in for a while yet so we are assuming that there will be another electrical fix once the interior gets close to completion.

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