Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We are insulated

Our plasterboard is on site and today the insulation was installed in all the walls and a part of the ceiling. The rooms feel 'enclosed' now and the spaces within the house are much more real. Now they can whack up the plasterboard and we'll be looking good.

Above is our main living area looking back towards the open plan kitchen, below is our rumpus.

Yesterday the roof capping was finally in place after the gutters and fascia around the portico were finally sorted out. It seems the builder was 'winging' our custom portico design, so once the brickies had the portico up the roof was shaped around it.

After visiting our cabinetmakers again yesterday to sign off on our kitchen and cabinets we made a few late unexpected changes. The selection blog entry has been amended accordingly and you can see the links to our new selections. Our changes are from a 'Platinum Essa Stone' benchtop to a 'Basmati Essa Stone', we also have been forced to change our main bathroom vanity due to our Laminex being deleted, it's a good change though as we love the new 'Zincworks Laminex' that we have selected and have picked it now for our laundry as well as the main bathroom. Hopefully only a few weeks until we see the kitchen installed according to our cabinetmaker and site manager. Exciting stuff...


  1. The house is looking great! It's good to see the insulation in the walls. For us this was a must, but it seems to me not many other people are doing it. Glad to see someone else is!!

    Are you in SA by any chance? The bloody hot summers and freezing winters helped push us to decide to insulate in the internal walls.

  2. Yeah we're in SA. Our last place was quite new when we bought it and it had really poor insulation, definitely no internal wall insulation anyway. So this was a must for us as well. For very little cost it should make a huge difference!